Summer Lovin’: Itineraries in Sri Lanka & Nepal

National Geographic · March 17, 2015

Part Six in a series of curated trips in India and abroad for all ages.

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As simple as ‘sambol’

LiveMint · Janaury 03, 2015

For a new migrant to Sri Lanka, the palate proves to be an unexpected shoehorn

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History Baked in Banana Leaf

Roads & Kingdoms · December 16, 2014

ith the lamprais in the backseat, I could barely focus on anything else. The modest parcel of food wrapped in a banana leaf, freshly baked and still warm to the touch, was demanding my complete sensory attention. The mildly woody smell of the banana leaf mingled with the unmistakable aroma of meat, and like a gentle cloud the fragrance wafted up and settled comfortably in the car for the remainder of my journey home. They say you eat with your eyes first, but in this case, it was the aroma of the lamprais in my backseat that had me hooked.

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For The Love of Lagoons: A Guide To The Maldives

National Geographic · December 4, 2014

There’s a hotel for every budget in paradise.

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A wellness check-up

Hindustan Times Metro · May 08, 2010

On April 29, a diplomat fainted after a massage at an airport spa. It was typical of an industry that’s booming, but has little regulation. A government body is trying to put standards in place, but wellness centres say it isn’t clear how they and their customers will benefit.

A unique gift

Hindustan Times Cafe · May 7, 2009

Children with superior intelligence often get mistaken for being problem kids. Here’s how one child and his mother are coping with the fallouts of being gifted.

Silent Struggle

Hindustan Times Cafe · April 2, 2009

Adults with autism don’t wage a war of words, they jostle with the lack of them.

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